Covid-19—How Do We Cope? (Part III)

This is the third installment of my Covid-19 blog—a blog in which I wax eloquent on the subject of coping strategies during these trying times: 

1.   Maintain a routine.  Everything is upside down, inside out, and many of us have lost our routines.  Routines, however, are important; our quotidian rituals help us maintain a semblance of normalcy. It may sound counter-intuitive, but maintaining daily routines can help us feel more in control of everything and help us to make room for that which is important.  So, go to bed and get up at regular hours. .  Dress for work, even if you are working from home. Pay attention to your physical appearance. Do not neglect proper sustenance and eat at regular hours.  Healthy habits help us to cope with change and reduce our stress levels. 

2. Keep occupied.  Feelings of boredom and ennui are overwhelming many of us.  We must make a conscious effort to overcome these feelings, someway, somehow, for boredom foments anxiety and depression.  The pace of life has slowed considerably, but this should not be an excuse to atrophy. Perhaps now is a good time to resurrect an old avocation; or, perhaps one could pursue an entirely new hobby? Expand your culinary repertoire; pull out that old musical instrument; learn to paint; take online yoga; learn a new language—indulge yourself.  


3. Some of us are contending with feelings of loneliness.  Alone time is not necessarily a bad thing; believe it or not, there are certain benefits: 
a) One learns to value one’s time.  If there is anything that should be deemed important and precious, it’s ‘time’.  Individuals who spend time alone understand that, and they give their limited time the respect and value it deserves; 
b)   Time alone can make one more self-aware.  When you are constantly with others, it’s easy to ignore one’s own thoughts and emotions.  When you are alone, you have no choice but to embrace these thoughts and emotions, become fully aware of them.  This pandemic could possibly serve as a golden opportunity to get to know yourself better than ever; 
c)   It has been said that time alone keeps you level-headed.  Being alone allows you to learn how to focus and grow your will power as a result of all your time reflecting.  People who spend time alone generally do not get overwhelmed because they know themselves so well.  


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